How I Respond to Getting One Star out of Five

It finally happened. By “it” I mean somebody didn’t like one of my books. Someone named Hannah that I’ve never heard of awarded Discarded Faces one star on Goodreads. That’s the lowest rating I’ve ever gotten on any of my books on Goodreads. Hannah did not attach any comments, so I have no idea why she didn’t like it. But if I were to encounter Hannah in real life or online, these are the things I would tell her.

(1) Thank you for reading my novel and taking the trouble to give feedback.

(2) Since I don’t know you either in real life or online, I assume that my efforts to publicize my fiction on Goodreads are starting to succeed. It’s frustrating to be a published author whose books are read by no one but her friends.

(3) I don’t mind that you gave me only one star, though obviously I would have preferred more. It’s impossible to please everybody. At least you were honest about it. That’s a virtue.

(4) Discarded Faces was my debut novel. If I wrote it over again from scratch, I would probably change some things.

A writer just has to be a good sport about some things.


About bettysrants

Betty Cross has published a sci-fi novel called "Discarded Faces." It is now available both as a paperback on and as an ebook from Double Dragon Ebooks. It’s a dystopia with a happy ending. Her second novel is a fantasy named "Mistress of the Topaz." She has signed a contract with Double Dragon for this one also. It should be available for sale by early 2012.Both will have sequels. In April 2010, after 3 decades in the computer field, she became a full-time writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy. She writes every day, and records her daily word count on a spreadsheet.
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One Response to How I Respond to Getting One Star out of Five

  1. Greg Eatroff says:

    I find reviews like that frustrating when they don’t offer specifics. Constructive criticism can be very useful, both to authors looking to improve and readers trying to figure out whether to try a new book, but an “I hated it” response without whys and wherefores doesn’t do anyone any good.

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